Area Sensor

-สวิทช์ ลำแสงแบบม่านแสง / Area Sensors The area sensor is the easy to use non-safety light screen for general purposes using multi light beams for the detection of the objects moving in the specified areas.Autonics area sensors, thin, small sized and comp
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Autonics   Area sensor BW
Code : Autonics BW
Autonics Area sensor BW
Area sensor
Minimized non-sensing area

Autonics   Area sensor with plastic case BWP
Area sensor with plastic case
Minimized non-sensing area

Autonics  Picking sensor BWPK
Code : Autonics BWPK
Autonics Picking sensor BWPK
Picking sensor

Autonics Area Sensor BW40-08
Code : Autonics BW40-08
Autonics Area Sensor BW40-08
*Long sensing distance up to 7M
*22 types of products
(Optical axis : 20/40mm, Sensing height : 120~940mm)
*Increased sensing stability by minimizing the non sensing area
*Easy identification of the side, front and long distance by the indicator of high illumination, TWIN motions
*Includes self-diagnosis function, mutual interference protection function, external diagnosis function.
*Polished design & minimum size(W28.6×T22.6×H□)
*Waterproof structure by IP65

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